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Join our Discord serwer, and get Whitelist spot.

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Play 2 Earn

Collect special items during parties to receive Jellyfish NFTs. Every NFT is unique and grants you a permission to special futures.

Metaverse Geeks

Meet other MetaGeeks in clubs and during events

Make friends to build your own community during parties and events in Planetary. Overtake danceflore with your new friends.

VR Avatar calls (BETA)

Stay anonymus and comunicate on a whole new level.

Be whoever you want
Be whoever you want

Be whoever you want

Personilaze your avatar - imagination is your limitation.

Avatars P1

limited quantity

Get NFT AirDrop in Clubs
(only 5.000 available)

_Mission: Colonization / Earth / loading ...

Land on Earth avaliable soon...

Be one of the first citizens of the Planet Earth, get land to earn.

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Mission colonization

Landlords in Planetary get more.

Edit your land
Earn free NFTs
Make parties for your friends
Spots at NFTs Whitelist
Become a member of Landlords community
Mission colonization


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Stage 1(Q2 2020)Stage 2(Q3 2020)Stage 3(Q4 2020)Stage 4(Q1 2021)Stage 5(Q2 2021)Stage 6(Q3 2021)Stage 7(Q4 2021)Stage 8(Q1 2022)Stage 9(Q2 2022)Stage 10(Q3 2022)Stage 11(Q4 2022)Stage 12(Q1 2023)Stage 13(Q2 2023)Stage 14(Q3 2023)Stage 15(Q4 2023)Stage 16Q1 2024)
  • Innovative idea of creating Partyverse
  • Core team fundation
  • Creating key visuals
  • UI
  • Elaborate logbook
  • First beta of Planetary
  • Creating marketing strategy
  • Brand awerness development
  • Buliding community
  • High level influencer partnership
  • Connecting cryptocommunity around the word in Planetary Partyverse
  • P2E in Space Clubs
  • Planetary Partyverse Token realese
  • Early adoption token in real live to buying drins in cooperate clubs
  • Exploring the market and user needs
  • Start of development
  • Development process
  • Testing and improving user experience
  • Beta testing users feedback
  • Creating a fully functional Partyverse
  • Mint firts 5000 NFT collection
  • Special event for NFT holders
  • Community quest to unlock Mars
  • Community point of Mars development
  • Staking
  • Mars Nation Community Election
  • First investors
  • Establishing plan for 2021
  • Bugfixing
  • Establishing plan for 2022
  • Expanding planetary team
  • Planetary launch
  • AirDrops
  • Developing new features
  • Opportunity to party with firends in your own land
  • Making independent mars community
  • Stake and earn more
  • Developing Planetary with community
  • Concept of the NFT collection with utilities
  • Creating P2E model
  • AMA
  • Introducing P2E model - new NFT collection
  • Letting community decide direction of metaverse
  • Alien NFT customization
  • Creating more planets
  • Space rivalization between planets
  • Form business model
  • Full project whitepaper
  • Online parties for Users
  • Making new exlusive Clubs for NFT holders
  • Special Alien Egg NFT sale
  • To The Mars!
  • Mars nation takes a lead
  • Stake and build – stakers can build special building on their lands – provided by Planetary team
  • Legal security
  • Partnership with best blockchain companies
  • Cooperation with oher Metaverse projects
  • Starting land project
  • Earth Lands sale in Planetary
  • Ingame improvment and optimalization
  • Real life community meetings – in clubs
  • Leaving Planetary to the community – DAO
  • Making website
  • Going worldwide
  • Start of making firs two NFT collections
  • Leaderboard list
  • More languags available
  • Developing web editor panel for land customization (be creative)
  • Treasury of Nation - managment
  • Leaders of each planet gets opportunity to communicate with planetary team

Planetary Team

Jakub Kobosko

Jakub Kobosko

Founder & CEO

Adam Kobosko

Adam Kobosko

Founder & COO






Product Owner



Business Development Managment

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